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Technique Raptor 9 Pawls Freewheel

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 Technique “Raptor” freewheel for killer engagement. Available in 16T,17T, and 19T 3/32”. The Raptor works exceptionally well on and off the track. On the gate the contact points won’t fail you. Engagement so RAD go to the next POE with little cranks movement. On the street 9 pawls means it will be loud. This may not be as loud as some but will rank up there with the top 10%. 5% of each sale will go to a college fund for a newly high school grad.


  • 9 Pawls 108 POE
  • Cold Forged 4130 Cro-Mo
  • 4 prong removal
  • Thread 1.37”x 24”


  • 16T 67 ounces or 160.8 grams
  • 17T 87 ounces or 166.3 grams
  • 18T 12 ounces or 173.5 grams