AME "Bassett" Clamp-on Grips

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A’ME and Bassett BMX collaborated on this classic Clamp-On BMX Tri grip. These classic grips are modernized with Vulcathane,™ a specially blended rubber compound combined with UV stabilizing ingredients that exhibit superior oxidation and ozone resistance. As a result, A’ME BMX grips will not absorb moisture, deteriorate, harden or become slick with age, all the while providing and maintaining superior comfort.

A’ME BMX Grips are easy to install and are available in Black, Blue, Red, or Grey. These colors compliment most bikes.

•The Tri design is available in1.2 (medium diameter)

•Low profile design eliminates hand fatigue.

•Proprietary blend of TPR rubber compound and Vulcathane™ promotes better control under any condition.

•Installation is simple with a single clamp-on design – just slide the grip onto your handlebar and tighten one screw.

•Made in USA